Cashless products


Electronic payment systems using contactless keys or cards. The electronic key and card allow simple, reliable management of the credit required to purchase products from vending machines. Their attractive design and limited size plus the high security rating for the encrypted data - permitted by the transponder technology - make these products the ideal electronic payment system as well as a highly effective cashless support for use in a wide variety of applications (access control, etc.).

The product line, furthermore, includes the OCS payment systems, which permit to control the coffee machines operating with capsules, that are generally called OCS (Office Coffee Service).

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Cash Products


Electronic payment systems for recognition and automatic acceptance of coins/tokens and bills. These electronic devices are ideal for installation in vending machines and in all equipment that need a precise, reliable, automatic coin and bill recognition system; they can be connected to to a cashless payment system, which they complete. The change giver coin mechanisms - versatile and with innovative functions - represents the pride of this product line.

Coin validators, bill validators and change giver coin mechanisms are supplied with a wide database and the special software necessary for making their use simple and immediate.

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